Agile Transformation

Our Mission – Your Advantage

We have in-depth experience helping organisations to transition to agile and have taken a leading role in some of the largest and most successful agile adoptions in Europe.
Every client is different and there is a common factor – our mission is to help you to develop your own agile capability.

empire-state-buildingAgile Assessment

We work with you and your teams to create a common understanding of the current issues within your organisation. We use interviews combined with a retrospective to help teams, managers and others reflect on the current state of the organisation, formulate goals for the transition and to take ownership of their future.
We produce a comprehensive report with recommendations on next steps.

telescopeConsulting, Training, Coaching

A combination of consulting, training and coaching follows, customized to meet your needs. This includes training aimed at ScrumMasters, Product Owners and managers.
We will help you roll-out agile within your organisation at a sustainable pace.
We commit ourselves to helping you to develop your organisation’s own agile capability through “coach the coaches” and “train the trainers” activities.

lgqxdse46e8g1hottqx7Health Check

Several months into a typical engagement we return and help you and your organisation to reflect on progress made and to discover opportunities for improvement.