Deepen Your Understanding of Scrum: Certified Scrum Courses with Integrated Open Space

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We have introduced a new concept for 2010 – parallel Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Product Owner courses with an optional, combined 3rd day. The concept is simple:

  • Christoph Mathis and Simon Roberts teach parallel CSM and CSPO courses at the same location over 2 days.
  • On the 3rd day we hold an Open Space with participants from both courses.

The additional day is optional – certification is not dependent on taking part. It is also without extra charge for course participants! (non participants can take part for a nominal charge). It is an opportunity for participants to bring their own topics up for discussion. This can take various forms. For example, a burning issue from your own experience, or a breakthrough that you wish to share. We can also use some of the time for one-on-one consulting on a current problem. The overall objective is to dive deeper into Scrum and related techniques. The participants decide on the topics. We recently ran this new model for the first time in Frankfurt. Some of the topics that we covered during an intense Open Space were:

  • Patterns for breaking down large user stories into smaller user stories
  • Behaviour driven aceptance testing with FitNesse
  • Scrum tools
  • What to do if there are several customers for one Scrum team

The Frankfurt courses and Open Space were well attended (over half of the course participants stayed for the Open Space) and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The participants say that they found the additional day very valuable. Further CSM, CSPO and Open Space events are planned during the coming months, including:

  • 21.-23.04.2010 in Zurich
  • 05.-07.05.2010 in Cologne
  • 14.-16.06.2010 in Berlin
  • 28.-30.06.2010 in Munich
  • 07.-09.07.2010 in Frankfurt

The events in Zurich, Cologne and Frankfurt are organised in cooperation with andrena objects ag. To register for any of the above or for any other ScrumCenter courses please visit here.

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