SCRUMCENTER in Berlin and London

Sustainable Success

SCRUMCENTER is an agile methods consultancy based in London, UK and Berlin, Germany with clients throughout Europe. Every client has different requirements and often our engagement includes looking at the business case for agile, designing and delivering custom training for business and technical staff, coaching and mentoring.


With experience of many different types of projects and our deep understanding of what it takes to create highly motivated, engaged, high-performance teams, we can help your teams to achieve their potential and produce great results for your organisation.

High Performance

There is a world of difference between Scrum “out of the book” and “speed” Scrum. Our training and coaching is based on experience gathered over many years helping organisations small, medium and large to transition to agile methods. We will help you get to “speed” Scrum faster by avoiding the pitfalls and focussing on the key success factors.

English or Deutsch

All of our services are available in English or German.