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ScrumCenter and andrena objects offer both onsite and open Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses. Scheduled open courses are detailed below.

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Certified ScrumMaster

27./28.08.09, Frankfurt a.M., Trainer: Simon Roberts

03./04.09.09, Berlin, Trainer: Simon Roberts

14./15.09.09, Dresden, Trainer: Simon Roberts

17./18.09.09, Karlsruhe, Trainer: Joseph Pelrine

21./22.09.09, München, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

12./13.10.09, Stuttgart, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

26./27.10.09, München, Trainer: Simon Roberts

16./17.11.09, München, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

24./25.11.09, Karlsruhe, Trainer: Joseph Pelrine

07./08.12.09, Berlin, Trainer: Simon Roberts

10./11.12.09, Köln, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

14./15.12.09, Frankfurt a.M., Trainer: Simon Roberts


Certified Scrum Product Owner

07./08.09.09, Berlin, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

17./18.09.09, Frankfurt a.M., Trainer: Christoph Mathis

23./24.09.09, München, Trainer: Simon Roberts

15./16.10.09, Köln, Trainer: Simon Roberts

28./29.10.09, München, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

18./19.11.09, München, Trainer: Simon Roberts

24./25.11.09, Karlsruhe, Trainer: Christoph Mathis

30.11./1.12.09, Frankfurt a.M., Trainer: Simon Roberts


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