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KNOWLEDGE_SCAPES: To support knowledge-creation becomes a major task in urban and architectural design. The 2-day workshop addresses how designed environments can enhance creativity, innovation, and learning. Invited experts from the academic and business world in Japan and Germany will discuss how to turn this challenge into practice.


Stefan Brenn (neonworx - Coworking Space),

Niels Delater (CEO spectos Ltd. Germany – Information Logistics),

Valentin Hadelich (Bauhaus University Weimar – Urban Planning and Design),

Jens Korte (Partner of ScrumCenter GmbH - Agile Product Development)

Jörg Rainer Noennig (Dresden University – Knowledge Architecture)

Main Sponsor

German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) www.dwih-tokyo.jp

The DWIH Tokyo is a project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office

Supporterts and Partners

Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus Tokyo

Technische Universität Dresden

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Yoshioka Library Shinkenchiku-Sha, Tokyo

neonworx Dresden

ScrumCenter GmbH Berlin

Spectos GmbH Dresden


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