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Christoph Mathis and Simon Roberts speaking at Karlsruhe Entwicklertag

ET_Logo_Speaker.jpgScrumCenter founders Christoph Mathis and Simon Roberts will both be speaking at the Agile Day of the Karlsruhe Entwickertag organised by Andrena Objects AG on 24th June 2009.

Christoph Mathis will present a talk entitled "Making Scrum Stick - Transforming the Enterprise" starting at 12:15.

Simon Roberts will be taking part in a podium discussion entitled "Clash of Cultures – Agilität und hergebrachte Arbeitsmodelle – Beobachtungen aus USA, Europa, Naher Osten und Asien – Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten" starting at 17:15.

More information on the Karlsruhe Entwicklertag in general can be found here and on the Agile Day here.

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