Berlin Days of Software Engineering in September

DoSE Die innovative IT-Konferenz für Software-Technik in Berlin wird von ScrumCenter mit einem Scrum for Managers Workshop (inkl. CSM) am 12.-13.9. sowie einem Vortrag zu High Performance Teams und Organisationen für das 21. Jahrhundert im Konferenzprogramm begleitet. Mehr Infos unter

Um Tickets für den Workshop (inkl. Konferenzteilnahme) zu erwerben und zur Registrierung benutzen Sie bitte folgenden Link:

Scrum Gathering in Barcelona - 1-3 October

Scrum Gathering Barcelona

Simon Roberts will be presening a session together with fellow Certified Scrum Trainer Stefan Roock on Enterprise Scrum Transitions at the Barcelona Scrum Gathering in October. The session will be an interactive role play which tells the story of a transition and how it started to influence the organisation. We integrated our experience from several transitions, from small companies with a few employees to large companies with several thousand employees.

The session will cover:

  1. Using Scrum for the transition
  2. Composition of the team
  3. Building the backlog and roadmap
  4. Definition of done for transition backlog items
  5. Scaling the transition

More information on the gathering can be found here:

We look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones!

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